V1 Ventures Summer Acceleration Program

Launch your company in America in 60 days or less.

V1 Ventures will select a handful of companies to receive a special grant affording them the opportunity to bring their company into the US market in a rapid development / deployment time frame.

Here's How it Works

Companies outside of the US can apply to receive the grant by clicking on the button below.  The application should take approximately 10 minutes.

V1 Ventures will evaluate the applicants and schedule an interview with senior management to discuss the details of their application and the potential for US growth.

Winning teams are offered a $50,000 credit as described below.

What do the winning companies receive?

Winning companies will receive $50,000 grant towards commercial acceleration in the US with a 60 day to market guarantee.

  • A fully funded Phase 1:  Market Intelligence package from V1 Ventures FREE. ($30,000 value)
  • 50% reduction in Phase 2: Market Readiness package including a wholly own US subsidiary ($20,000 value)
  • 60 days to market guarantee - After that, we work for free until you're in the US market.