Why V1?

Though no two companies are ever alike, many common themes and challenges can be seen as these companies launch their products for the first time.  Most are in love with their product and continue to work on it until it is perfect.  Is it the fact that the product is not good enough yet or is it something else? Most entrepreneurs don't like to admit that they don't know how to sell or don't want to sell.  When it comes time to start selling, they don't even know how to begin or where to start.  This is where V1 comes in!

Phase I - Market Intelligence - We dig deep into research to help identify key questions about the market:
  • Who are the current players?
  • What do customers look like and what do they want?
  • How much is someone currently paying and/or how much are they willing to pay?
  • etc.

This not allows for us to have knowledge on the market, but also the appropriate product alignment and market entry strategy for the company's product.

Phase II - Market Readiness - We setup a strong foundation for product launches and future scaling.  We pull together appropriate resources and systems to be able to manage the following:
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Customer Experience and Relations Management
  • Inventory and Operations Management
  • Accounting and Finance

Phase III - Market Launch - All systems go!  We get all marketing and sales efforts to launch and get the product to market.  As orders come trickling in, we continue to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) along with market trends to ensure the longevity of the product line.

So who are we and how can we do all of this?

We're a group of sales-driven entrepreneurs who collectively have worked with hundreds of startups on getting to market. Our team and strategic partners have launched products in markets as diverse as solar energy, B2B services, consumer electronics (ever used a Logitech presentation clicker? Yeah, one of our guys launched that), medical devices, and many more.
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