Phase I: Market Intelligence

Access the world's largest market

Entering a new market is uncertain and challenging, especially when it's across an ocean where you have no team, no network, and no in-country experience.  Jumping in blindly is costly!  Know the answers to these key questions before committing precious resources:

1) What is the realistic opportunity?

2) What are primary barriers to entry?

3) What is the optimal entry strategy?

Know before you go:

U.S MARKET ANALYSIS - Know the full market potential and industry trends

COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE - Understand the key players, your advantages, disadvantages, and how to successfully differentiate your solution

FINANCIAL REALITIES & CONSIDERATIONS - What are the financial requirements?  Leverage included proformas incorporating pricing practices, cost considerations, and margin expectations

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS - Does your product or service need customization for successful market entry?  We'll analyze the data and offer suggestions to maximize success of market entry

MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY - Acquire a full strategy based upon primary and secondary research to ensure a cost-effective and smooth market launch

LAUNCH IMPLEMENTATION - Launch seamlessly with data-driven launch strategy, knowing that V1 Ventures is alongside assisting with fundraising, channels, and revenue optimization

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