Phase III: Market Launch

Take flight...

It's time to make money!  The first dollar is always the hardest to earn.  After extensive intelligence gathering and market launch preparation, it's time to begin fulfilling the needs of the marketplace.  Launching in the U.S. involves three key elements:

1) Acquire first revenue

2) Ensure a 5-star customer experience

3) Optimize sales and operations to ensure rapid and sustainable growth

Launch.  Stabilize.  Optimize.

SALES - Consistent and aggressive sales efforts that are responsive to customers' needs drives the top line revenue through proper technology implementation including CRM and demand forecasting

MARKETING - Building a strong brand as well as communicating the value of the offering to the market in a sustainable way is key to accelerating a pipeline of business

OPERATIONS - From the first sale through rapid growth, operations should provide customers with a smooth experience with reliable supply through proper technology implementation

SUPPORT - A five-star customer experience begins from introduction to the company and must continue through the sale into the post-sale experience and ongoing customer relationship

MANAGEMENT - The development, implementation, and optimization of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is critical as well as the hiring of strategic personnel for growth

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