Phase II: Market Readiness

Lay the Proper Foundation

Once you have the right strategy, steps should be taken to maximize the impact of your U.S. launch.  Product preparation, acquisition of resources, and properly positioning are vital to your launch success.  Prepare and position your company for an effective launch.

1) Identify and acquire key resources and partners

2) Implement necessary product modifications

3) Prepare tools/systems for sales and order fulfillment

Plan.  Prepare.  Position.

COMPETITIVE POSITIONING - What additional product considerations and/or localization are required; what features are most important; how do you package and price for greatest traction

RESOURCE ACQUISITION - Identify and procure vital resources including human capital, financial capital, and strategic partnership necessary for an effective launch

MARKETING & BRANDING - What adjustments should you make to stand out: logo, color palette, tagline, product collateral, website, sales presentation deck, and lead development

CHANNEL STRATEGY - Which partners should you leverage to enter the market: distributors, VARs, retailers, and strategic partners

OPERATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE - Do you have the proper legal structure and back-end systems to handle inventory management, logistics, sales tracking, and customer support/experience management

TACTICAL LAUNCH PLAN - What is your launch budget; which vehicles are needed for launch; what is the right timing; do you have the right sales and support structure; is your team properly prepared

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